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Alot of people, professionals and not-professional alike, would like to create and own their website. But, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that what we commonly call Web Hosting ( or Offshore web hosting ) is really an unknown art for the a big portion of the every-day life people. What is Web Hosting ? Well, to stay simple, it’s the ensemble of technologies and services needed for your creation ( in this case, your website ) to be viewed on the Internet. For it to be possible, your website will be hosted on a special computer called a server which will allw your content to be displayed just by typing the URL – which you will also need to buy, though it is commonly cheap.

With Blog Hosting Services, I’ll help you get through the many steps that will succeed the bought of your server and domain name, as well as providing you with insightful infos such as how to build your website, how to run it, how to manage it, and many more questions that will come to your mind once you find yourself possessing your own website.

If you have any particular request as to which subject I should treat first, do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment. Also, any advice or criticism is appreciated as long as it remains polite.

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